Head Protection

Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc., doing business as USA XRAY, has been protecting the practitioner against scatter radiation for over 40 years. Our products stand the test of time, are of the highest quality and are at very competitive prices. Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc. is an American company with manufacturing in St. Petersburg, FL. “Offering a unique service to the science of radiology”

**Please read the Hat Clinical Research paper that features our leaded head protection.

Click here to read research article.

M-HAT-503 Hoodie

M-HAT-503A 0.5 mm Pb equivalency
M-HAT-503B 0.25mm Pb equivalency

• Original hood style with built in thyroid protector.
• Documented in a Clinical Paper for scatter radiation protection.
• Remarkably comfortable as weight does not touch top of head.
• Available with/ without ear hole grommets.
• Small, Medium, Large

M-HAT-504 Scatter Cap

M-HAT-504A 0.5 mm Pb equivalency
M-HAT-504B 0.25mm Pb equivalency

• Low riding skull cap.
• Covers ears and back of neck.
• Back Velcro adjusts to fit snuggly.
• Covers low on neck
• Available with/without ear hole grommets.
• Available with/without chin strap.
• Small, Medium, Large

M-HAT-505 Scrubbie

M-HAT-505A 0.5 mm Pb equivalency
M-HAT-505B 0.25mm Pb equivalency

• Protective scrub style hat.
• Hat width is adjustable: cuff to shorten width, un-cuffed for lower hat position.
• Back strap adjustable to tighten or loosen the fit.
• Suitable for all hair styles.
• Extremely comfortable.
• Small, Medium, Large

M-HAT-506 Scrub-2

M-HAT-506A 0.5 mm Pb equivalency
M-HAT-506B 0.25mm Pb equivalency

• Protective scrub style hat with ear protection.
• Same attributes as Scrubbie.