Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc., doing business as USA XRAY, has been protecting the practitioner against scatter radiation for over 40 years. Our products stand the test of time, are of the highest quality and are at very competitive prices. Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc. is an American company with manufacturing in St. Petersburg, FL. “Offering a unique service to the science of radiology”


M-SSLV.25 Short Sleeve

• Short sleeve permanently attaches to left or right side (please specify)
• Above the elbow length
• Available on any Burkhart Roentgen apron
• 0.25 mm Pb equiv.

M-DSSLV.25 Detached Short Sleeve

• Same sleeve construction as above but has Velcro on armhole of apron and sleeve so sleeve may be removed.