What's So Different

Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc., doing business as USA XRAY, has been protecting the practitioner against scatter radiation for over 40 years. Our products stand the test of time, are of the highest quality and are at very competitive prices. Burkhart Roentgen Intl, Inc. is an American company with manufacturing in St. Petersburg, FL. “Offering a unique service to the science of radiology”

What’s So Different About USA XRAY’s
Alpha Aprons?


  1. Size range.  Male: S-XXL.  Female: XXS-XL.  Male Athletic: S-XL.
  2. Fit.  Our apron FIT.  XXS to XXL, we pride ourselves on fitting our customers of all shape and sizes.
  3. Protection.  Our armholes and necklines are high to give maximum coverage.
  4. Longevity.  Our aprons live long and protect, saving you money$$.
  5. Price.  Our prices are extremely competitive.
  6. 2-year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
  7. 6” wide Cinch Belt (helps reduce weight to shoulders) included where applicable, at no extra charge.
  8. All apron edges are double seamed.  There is no weak point on a BR apron.
  9. Single sided aprons have foam in the back wings for balance and comfort.
  10. Ribbon Binding on the edges of the aprons.
  11. Trademark riveted breast pocket on all aprons at no extra cost.
  12. Extra thick memory foam shoulder pads
  13. Look at our 3 styles of thyroid shields and our Scatter Hats.
  14. Our monograms and logos are priced below competiton.
  15. Burkhart Roentgen does ‘Protect the Planet’ and protects your wallet.