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 Heidelberg Light

Heidelberg Light



Description Price
A L101 Trim Ring $ CALL US
B L102 Lens $ CALL US
C L103 Trim Ring Lock $ CALL US
D L104 Handle $ CALL US
E L105 Housing $ CALL US
F L106 On/Off Switch $ CALL US
G L107 Color Filter $ CALL US
H L108 Filter Housing $ CALL US
I L109 Transformer $ CALL US
J L110 Fuse $ CALL US
  L111 Heat Resistant Fuse $ CALL US
K L112 Reflector $ CALL US
L L113 Reflector Bracket $ CALL US
M L114 Mobile/Ceiling Adampter Mount $ CALL US
N L115 Connector (Male) $ CALL US
O L116 Transf. Housing $ CALL US

Longer or shorter horizontal arms available upon request. Please call for pricing. 
All items quoted FOB our factory. Prices subject to change without written notice.

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