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This radiation shielding product is primarily designed to prevent exposure from scattered radiation. These shields can be used on any table where x-ray fluoroscopy is used. Each of the standard system components provides 0.5mm PB equivalent shielding. Individual curtains are attached at the head of the table and both right and left sides which provide protection for the lower body. Upper body protection is accomplished by a shielding curtain that wraps around the image intensifier of the C-Arm.

Curtain Component Specifications:
  • All table curtains are attached using the existing accessory rail hardware.
  • All curtains shields are 32 inches in length (81cm)
  • Curtains attached to side 1 & 2 are 30 inches wide (71cm)
  • The curtain attached to the head of the table is 26 inches wide (66 cm) and overlaps sides 1 & 2
  • A fourth shield is attached by VELCRO between side 1 & 2 under the table pad at the head of the table
  • Image intensifier curtain is 11 inches (28 cm) long and 30 inches (71 cm) wide. The shield is secured to the image intensifier with straps and VELCRO and can be adjusted to a full up or down position


radiation shielding product

radiation shielding product

radiation shielding product

radiation shielding product

 A request was made to take scatter measurements of a radiographic/fluoroscopic (R/F) unit and make a comparison of radiation levels to a C-Arm. There was a concern that the radiation levels from a mobile C-arm would be greater than the levels from a stationary R/F room. For the particular units as described below this was not the case. The scatter reading from the C-arm was less.
  • Below are the results of scatter measurements done with a H20 phantom and lead to simulate a patient examination. Readings were taken at 30 cm and at 66 cm at varying points approximately 12 cm from the central axis of the fluoroscopic beam. 80 kVp and 2.3 ma were the technique factors, large field of view.
  • The first unit was Radiographic Room Nine in St. Anthony's Hospital main Radiology, a Siemens Digital Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Room.
  • The other unit was an OEC 9800 series (C-Arm) with a modified mobile x-ray/examination table from Burkhart Roentgen International. A protective lead drape was used on the x-ray table. The x-ray tube (positioned inferiorly or 1800) was draped with the image intensifier superior (00). The table would have to be used in any examination if the results of the testing as reflected below were to be duplicated.
Equipment Distance Pt Superior Pt Inferior
Siemen's R/F 30 cm 10 mR/hr 3.0 mR/hr
  66 cm 4.3 mR/hr 1.1 mR/hr
OEC C-Arm 30 cm 2.5 mR/hr 2.5 mR/hr
  66 cm 0.8 mR/hr 0.8 mR/hr



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