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Cool Vest is personal cooling apparel designed to cool personnel who work in hot environments or wear protective outerwear, such as our leaded aprons or hazardous material suits. The cool packs maintain a constant temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal body cooling. They come in two sizes and have packs that last 2 hours or 4 hours.

Cool Vest - No Ice or Gel! No pumps or batteries!

Increase work tolerance time and reduce heat stress with the unique cooling technology in Cool Zone. An extensive armed forces test and evaluation of the technology in the Cool Zone Cool Vests proved a 22% increase in productivity while wearing burdensome personal protective apparel. Cool Zone is preset to maintain the "optimum cooling temperature" for hours of effective relief from the risks associated with heat stress.

How does the Cool Vest work?
When energized, the "optimum cooling temperature" of the unique formula in the cooling vest (50 F/10 C) absorbs excess heat from the body allowing the body to naturally cool itself ... yet is safe enough to wear against the skin... all day, every day!

. Weighs less than comparable cooling products
. Exceptionally comfortable anatomic Unipak
. Maintains a constant =50F (10C) temperature
. Safely increases productivity and work tolerance time
. Two completely adjustable models
. Charges in minutes in ice & water

cool vest

cool vest


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