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Mobile Barriers


  • Can be CUSTOMIZED to any shape or size to meet your specific need

  • Shield medical personnel from secondary radiation.

  • Large, lead-acrylic windows are crystal clear and shatter resistant.

  • Variety of sizes available for shielding 1,2, or more people.

  • Attractive, durable, and easy to handle.

  • Viewing area is framed in stainless steel to prevent warping and breaking.

  • 0.5mm Pb



MB-30 Jumbo Mobile Barrier


-          Viewing Area 60 H x 30 W, 0.5mm Pb

-          Opaque Area 15 H x 30 W, 0.5mm Pb

-          Overall 75 H x 30 W



                                   MB-48 Deluxe Mobile Barrier

-          Viewing Area 36 H x 48 W, 0.5mm Pb

-          Opaque Area 39 H x 48 W, 0.5 mm Pb

-          Overall 75 H x 48 W





                           458 Adjustable Height Mobile Barrier




-          Lead Equivalency 0.5 mm Pb

-          Coverage Area: 23" W x 23" H


  All items quoted FOB our factory. Prices subject to change without written notice.


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