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Storage Racks


Apron Storage Rack 419 Multiple Apron Storage Rack

Wall mounted chromium plated metal storage rack with five pivoting apron hangers. The hangers can fan out 180 degrees or can be swung tightly around the wall to the right or left. Please specify right or left when ordering.

This heavy duty hanger can store up to 110 lbs. of weight or up to 10 aprons.
#419 Storage Rack  
#420 Wall mounted, 2 Arm,
Plastic Coated Aluminum Rack
#110 Glove Rack
  519 Weak Wall Support

A vertical column between the floor and apron rack for weight support.


Weak Wall Support
Apron Storage Rack 601 Mobile Apron Rack

The BR Pedestal System allows storage of up to 10 special procedures or standard lead protective aprons. Available as a mobile unit which can be moved from area to area; or as a permanently installed wall unit.
#601-AM Mobile Unit  
#601-W Wall Unit
Apron Storage Rack 602 Mobile Full Length Apron Rack

Stainless steel construction, designed for strength and rigidity. Provides stability even when fully loaded, maximum load 200 lbs. - 45" tall, base 30" x 41".
#602A 602 Mobile Apron Rack, full length
#008 Separate Aluminum Hangers  
#009 16" Aluminum apron hanger ideal for locker storage
#412 Universal Apron Storage Rack, sturdy metal constructed rack for single aprons. Wall mounted.

  All items quoted FOB our factory. Prices subject to change without written notice.

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