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VENUS 9005

This full body apron is designed to be slipped on over the left shoulder and fastened on over the right shoulder with a durable metal clip. The right side seam closes for ease and security with two-inch-wide Velcro closures. An orthopedic lumbar support Cinch Belt removes the apron's weight from the shoulders. Specially designed for full front and back protection during radiographic, portable and special procedures.
Full body with metal clip shoulder, Velcro side closure, breast pocket, and Cinch Belt. Available in light or regular weight lead, .5mm, .35mm or .25mm pb with soft foam or leaded half back. Also available in maternity.
full body apron

Style # Size Apron Length
(from shoulder to hem)
9005 A Small 4/6 37" (94 cm)
9005 B Medium 8/10 37" (94 cm)
9005 C Large 12/14 38" (97 cm)
9005 2C XLarge 16/18 38" (97 cm)
9005 D Small 34/36 38" (97 cm)
9005 E Medium 38/40 39" (99 cm)
9005 F Large 42/44 39" (99 cm)
9005 G XLarge 46/48 40" (102 cm)
9005 H XXLarge 50/52 40" (102 cm)

* Please note: The Super Cinch Belt may be added to this style for an additional charge.


  All items quoted FOB our factory. Prices subject to change without written notice.

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