Premium Lead Aprons

9001 - Athena Lead Apron, Digi Brown Camo, lead apron

9001 Athena

The most effective weight relief and support in a single sided apron with a 6” wide Cinch Belt
9002 - Apollo, lead apron, Medium blue

9002 Apollo

Weight relieving crisscross back straps with fully adjustable belt, single sided apron.
9003 Odysseus, Skull, Lead Apron

9003 Odysseus

Our finest apron retooled and for a great price. 2” wide webbing crisscross in the back to buckle in the front.
9004 - Zeus, lead apron, Sunny Florida

9004 Zeus

Our most popular single sided apron is easy on and off and has comfort to spare.
9014 - Poseidon, Pink Leopard, Lead Apron

9014 Poseidon

Like our #9004 Zeus but with back elastic that provides unparalleled fit , support, and comfort.
9350 - Adonis, Burgundy, Lead Apron

9350 Adonis

Quick Drop apron made for the operating room.
  • Size Range – X-Small to X-Large Female and Small to XXX-Large Male
  • Length Alterations – We pride ourselves on fitting our customers of all shapes and sizes
  • Fabric Selection – We offer a wide range of fabrics in Solids, Diamond, and Prints
  • Customization – We provide monograms and logo embroidery for additional cost.
  • Radiation Protection Material – .25mm*, .35mm, and .5mm Lead Equivalency
    • Economy Lead – Heavy weight not flexible, contains Lead*
    • Lite Lead™ – Light weight and flexible, contains Lead
    • Zero Lead™ – Lightest weight and flexible, contains No Lead environmentally friendly
  • Protection – Our armholes and necklines are high to give maximum coverage.
  • Comfort – We provide extra thick memory foam shoulder pads and foam padding in our wings.
  • Weight Distribution – 6” wide Cinch Belt included where applicable, at no extra charge.
  • Pocket – Trademark riveted breast pocket included where applicable.
  • Thyroid Shield – When ordered with apron it is connected at the neck with a lanyard.
  • Quality – There is no weak point, all edges are double seamed with ribbon binding.
  • Guarantee – 2-Year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Longevity – Our products are made with the best materials and craftsmanship providing a quality product with lasting protection, saving you money. 
*Only available in certain styles
Lead Apron, Radiation Protection

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Thyroid Shield Radiation Protection

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