Premium Lead Full Wraps

9047 Mercury

Wrap Skirt and Vest, the ultimate in full body shielding and comfort while offering the maximum mobility.

9016 Hercules

1 Piece full wrap with a 6” wide Cinch Belt. Great combination of weight distributing comfort with full body protection.
9012 - Neptune Black

9012 Neptune

Wrap Vest with a 9007 skirt. The vest comes with elastic back support and a 4 point closure to ensure a snug and secure fit without the need of a belt.
9007 - Olympia Coal

9007 Olympia

Wrap Vest and Skirt with a 6" wide Cinch Belt. The ultimate in full body shielding and comfort while offering the maximum mobility.
  • Size Range – X-Small to X-Large Female and Small to XXX-Large Male
  • Length Alterations – We pride ourselves on fitting our customers of all shapes and sizes
  • Fabric Selection – We offer a wide range of fabrics in Solids, Diamond, and Prints
  • Customization – We provide monograms and logo embroidery for additional cost.
  • Radiation Protection Material – .25mm*, .35mm, and .5mm Lead Equivalency
    • Economy Lead – Heavy weight not flexible, contains Lead*
    • Lite Lead™ – Light weight and flexible, contains Lead
    • Zero Lead™ – Lightest weight and flexible, contains No Lead environmentally friendly
  • Protection – Our armholes and necklines are high to give maximum coverage.
  • Comfort – We provide extra thick memory foam shoulder pads and foam padding in our wings.
  • Weight Distribution – 6” wide Cinch Belt included where applicable, at no extra charge.
  • Pocket – Trademark riveted breast pocket included where applicable.
  • Thyroid Shield – When ordered with apron it is connected at the neck with a lanyard.
  • Quality – There is no weak point, all edges are double seamed with ribbon binding.
  • Guarantee – 2-Year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Longevity – Our products are made with the best materials and craftsmanship providing a quality product with lasting protection, saving you money. 
*Only available in certain styles

Premium Lead Apron

Lead Apron, Radiation Protection

Economy Line

Lead Apron, Radiation Protection

Premium Apron Line

Thyroid Shield Radiation Protection

Thyroid shield Line