SS3 Soft 3/4 Buckle Back
Thyroid Shield

These SS3 Soft 3/4 Buckle Back Thyroid Shields provides the most in comfort and weight. It covers only 3/4 of the neck buckling in the back with enough adjustment to fit any size.

  • Like our famous SS1BT Soft Thyroid Shield but w/ a 1” buckle closure in back.
  • Thyroid shield wraps three quarters around the neck with a space in the back for the buckle closure.
  • No hook & loop to stick to hair or wear out. Easy on and off.
  • The nylon covering has inside seams around the neck for a soft surface.
  • Exceedingly light weight. Adjusts to any neck width.
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Available in .35mm / .5mm lead equivalency
  •  Made in USA


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Thyroid Shield”

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