Fluoroscopy Radiation Protection

Fluoroscopy is used in many types of examinations and procedures, such as barium X-rays, cardiac catheterization, arthrography, lumbar puncture, placement of intravenous catheters, intravenous pyelogram, hysterosalpingogram, and biopsies. 

Lead Curtain and Table Shielding for Fluoroscopy's C-Arm and Surgical Table

Lead Curtains and Table Shielding are the 1st line of defense for Scatter Radiation during Fluoroscopy. Our Elite Image Intensifier Lead Shield was especially designed to fit any C-Arm including the GE-OEC Elite Image Intensifier. Surgical Tables come in many shapes & sizes but USAXRAY has taken on that challenge. We developed multiple Table Shielding drapes with our ScatterMaster Table Shielding and our Scatterstop Table Shielding to cover your every needs.

USAXRAY take pride in making sure our medical professionals get proper radiation protection for Fluoroscopy.

During Fluoroscopy we noticed that while the doctors stay static in their position while the nurse or technicians move back and forth during the procedure. From this observations we recommend Doctors to get Single Sided Lead-Free Apron like our 9004 Zeus Lead-Free Apron or our 9014 Poseidon Lead-Free Apron and the Nurses or Technicians to get Full Wrap Lead Free Apron like our 9V47 Mercury Lead-Free Vest and the 9S07 Olympia Lead-Free Skirt to protect the front and back while they move about.

Accessories for Fluoroscopy Radiation Protection

Accessories are not just about being a fashion statement in Diagnostic Radiation Protection. We want to provide the utmost protection to you so you can live a long healthy life. The Thyroid Shield is essential in diagnostic radiation. We recommend our Contoured Deluxe Thyroid Shield, Contoured Deluxe w/ Side Buckle Thyroid Shield, and Super Soft Thyroid Shield for quick use and ease of comfort in fluoroscopy.

The Universal Short Sleeve is perfect for Fluoroscopy because doctors typically work their left side in exposing their left shoulder and upper arm to scatter radiation. Our Disposable Lead-Free Surgical Gloves are the perfect paring to our Short Sleeve protection.

Medical Professionals often forget that the eyes & head also requires protection. Luckily for you we also have a selection in Lead-Free Headwear and Lead Glasses!

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