Swivel Panel

The Swivel Panel is a replacement lead panel for Swivel type curtain. Easy to move and put together when needed to. The fabric is perfect for the industry by being mildew resistant and easy to clean!

  • Replacement Lead Panels for Swivel type curtain
  • Sewn seams, not heat sealed.
  • Single Panel or Set of 3.
  • Various sizes available.
  • .5mm Pb Equivalency
  • Made in USA

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  • Replacement Lead Panels for Swivel type curtain
  • Sewn seams, not heat sealed.
  • Single Panel or Set of 3.
  • Various sizes available.
  • .5mm Pb Equivalency
  • Made in USA

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31", 34"


Single Panel, Set


  • Type: Swivel Panel
  • Style #: 464
  • Front Lead Thickness: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency
  • Lead Material: Economy Lead
  • Closure Type:


Economy Lead – heavy and rigid x-radiation protection material using a mixture of attenuating elements, Lead and Plastisol in a mixture optimized for maximum attenuation in the key diagnostic imaging range of 70 – 100 kV. The Economy Lead is not disposable or recyclable. Used for certain wearable aprons & accessories and all Table Drapes.


Table Drapes Care Instructions

Table Drapes should be routinely inspected for tears, punctures, or rips.

  • It is the user’s responsibility to radiograph this product upon receipt and regularly thereafter to ensure that no damage has occurred to lessen the protective qualities.
  • Do not fold, crease, store on a shelf or pile up your Table Drapes. This may cause damage and decrease the life of the device.
  • Store your apron either on a suitable hanger.
    • Approx. 70-80°F (21-27°C)
    • Limit Approx. 60-100°F (16-38°C)
  • Do not store in a hot car.

Table Drapes Cleaning and Disinfection Instructions


  • Table Drapes should be surfaced cleaned only.
  • Do not allow stains to set and dry. The fabric covering is coated to prevent staining, but the stain must be cleaned before it has time to set.
  • Quaternary ammonium cleaners/disinfectants (QATS) are recommended, provided they are alcohol-free and made up in dilute water-based forms.
  • Approved QAT or active oxygen proprietary disinfectants/ cleaners: “Fiberlock IAQ 2000” Fiberlock Technologies; “Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant” Reckitt Benckiser.
  • Wipe the fabric with a dampened cloth or disposable wipe with cold soapy water.
  • Sanitizing wipes may be used.
  • In all cases, the fabric surface should be wiped with a dampened cloth
  • Hang to air dry.
  • Do not immerse drape in any liquid. Do not use bleach. Do not use alcohol or alcohol- based agents. Do not machine dry or iron.
  • Do not autoclave or use gamma irradiation for sterilizing.
  • Contact us for more information on specific cleaning problems.


Users must dispose of Lead Garments and accessories by complying with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • USAXRAY will dispose of customer’s used USAXRAY brand lead vinyl products.
  • USAXRAY, at our discretion, may dispose of a customer’s used competitor’s lead vinyl product for a fee.
  • An RA# must be produced by USAXRAY prior to shipping.
  • A Certificate of Conformance/ Disposal of lead Vinyl is sent to the customer once the disposal has been made.
  • Please call for more information & pricing

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